Trying to Duplicate Chip's Alpha Wave Detector using Ganglion Board

allenineallenine Rochester, NY
Hey all, my name's Allen. I'm a fresh noobie in the BCI world, so for my first project I'm trying to replicate Chip's Alpha Wave Detector, but using the Ganglion and writing my own code. Here are links to Chip's stuff:
As a first step, i've followed this tutorial to learn how to interact arduino with processing so I can get EEG information out of the COM ports to my arduino. 
Currently, I am trying to comprehend Chip's code for his alpha wave detector and immediately ran into many walls. The first glaring one is the fact that Chip uses an ADS1299 library to communicate with his open-bci board's analog-digital converter. However, Ganglion uses MCP3912 ADC, and I have no idea how to even begin writing a new library for MCP3912. So i'm wondering if anyone has any advice of how I should progress from here. 

In addition, is anyone else out there a beginner like me and having issues getting off the ground? If so, I think it'd be a cool idea to start a little online group to collaborate on beginner projects together in order facilitate learning.  


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