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Introducing natHACKS 2021! ?

NeurAlbertaTech is proud to present natHACKS 2021, Alberta’s inaugural Brain-Computer Interface hackathon! With invaluable learning opportunities within the field of neurotechnology, direct project experience for both the experienced and the awe-inspired dilettante’s, as well as networking events with other members of the neurotech community, natHACKS is an event that aims to increase neuroscientific engagement among university students and recent grads internationally.

The deadline has been extended to Thursday, July 15th at 11:59 MDT. Sign up here.

With over $10,000 lined up for prizes for top submissions, NeurAlbertaTech is excited to host one of its biggest and most impressive events yet, allowing contestants to pursue one of the following tracks for their hackathon experience.

  • Recreation — Projects related to entertainment and leisure.
  • Rehabilitation — Projects related to assessing, diagnosing, and/or treating neurological disorders
  • Research — Projects related to novel methodologies in collecting, analyzing, and/or visualizing brain data.
  • Junior (for those new to Neurotech) — Restricted to participants with less than two years of post-secondary experience and those not majoring in a field relating to computer science.

Leading up to and during the event, NeurAlbertaTech will be providing workshops, networking events, and learning opportunities for all participants. The workshops will range from exploring the basics of neurotechnology for the minimally experienced, to leveraging advanced computing integrations such as PyGame, Unity, and even Arduinos/Pis, to create fully-functioning Neurotech projects. Many workshops will be led by guest speakers and industry leaders (including Brains@Play’s very own Garrett Flynn) with unique insights on project creation and real-life applications.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected].

All registration information can be located at NeurAlbertaTech’s website.

We hope to see you natHacking shortly! ??

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