Help us shape the future of OpenBCI!

Howdy OpenBCI Community! 

It's been an awesome ride so far. We've come a long way since our first Kickstarter campaign, and we're on the brink of fulfilling our latest Kickstarter rewards.  As we are constantly trying to improve the OpenBCI platform, we'd love to hear your feedback—the good and the bad. For this reason we ask that you give us 5 minutes of your time, and complete our latest survey.

Your feedback is extremely valuable for us! Your answers will be anonymous and we will post the answers to selected questions in our next newsletter.


The OpenBCI Team


  • OpenBCI Team, 

    Thank you for making OpenBCI great. 

    Now we need something smart software and tools which can help the community to fix issues in schools, memory, concentration, focus etc. ;is doing already something but we need more consumer focused. 

    Thanks for great work again. 

  • Hey Andrea / OpenBCI community!

    I have a question about the future of OpenBCI. As someone who has invested in your guys product and loves it. I'm curious, what is the future of OpenBCI? What are the end goals? What do you hope OpenBCI to turn into? 

    I only ask because as an Android developer, I'm wondering what I can contribute if at all to helping the community grow more in that regard. Plus, not sure if I was looking in the wrong area, I don't see anywhere on your website what you hope to accomplish down the road.