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Hello all,

I wanted to introduce myself here – my name is Devin.  I am a interactive audio/visual artist who is moving into the worlds of interactive art therapy, BCI, and real-time neurofeedback.  I am building a small art therapy lab in Phoenix, AZ and am researching all my options for a high-quality EEG setup.  Here's the goals:

1.  Give subjects the ability to create/explore interactive audio-visual works of art while measuring and recording high-quality fairly dense EEG levels.

2.  Experiment with real-time EEG based control of audio-visual parameters and as a neuro-feedback mechanism for strengthening brain awareness and optimizing therapeutic results.

I was looking at the Emotiv headsets ( and they claim that they have built-in emotional state and mental command recognition.  Yet, when I search around the openBCI and research grade EEG sites, I see very little of this kind of functionality discussed anywhere.  Can someone point me to some existing algorithms / patches / code around for that kind of BCI functionality?

I've started researching MATLAB/BCILAB in hopes of finding something like this.

btw, if you're interested, you can see a glimpse into the kind of work I do here:

Devin Fleenor