Interested newbie - getting equipped

Hello, I'd like to do some neurofeedback at
home. Some years ago I got a number of NF sessions for concentration/anxiety
and found relief - that I could think quite clearly/had a quieter mind after
that, so now I would like to do it again.

I’d like to keep it simple – would a 2 channel system be
sufficient (using bioexplorer, and Pete Van Duesen's whole-brain training protocols).

Or, would a 4-channel (or more) system, and thus the
opportunity to use HEG (apparently training executive functions e.g. motivation,
attention, social skills…) and other training protocols warrant its purchase?
If so – would the Ganglion or the UWiz be easier to use (and be supported by
BioExporer)? Or, would the Cyton be even better? (I would most likely run it on
my laptop).

Thanks – I appreciate this forum and any information
would be helpful and give me some more clarity.