Using an online model to control a remote device over bluetooth

Would someone let me know if there's a good example of this, or if they can give me high level directions on how to do this?

Here's what I've done:

* Trained a classification model on 2-classes based on streaming EEG data from Ganglion
* Tested the online model within OpenViBE

Here are my next steps, which I am trying to figure out:

* Use the model to control a remote device, such as an LED connected to a bluetooth-enabled Arduino
* Put the trained online model and any other necessary software/code onto the Ganglion (is this what the Micro SD slot is for?), so that the bluetooth signal can be used to control the LED rather than to transmit the signals to my laptop.

Has anyone ever made a video or tutorial of this?


  • The Ganglion and Cyton have relatively slow processors and very limited RAM (especially compared to a laptop). There are some threads on the forum here showing an alpha detector implemented directly on Cyton, then the magnitude of that alpha sent over bluetooth LE to a phone. Do a search on "AlphaWave'. But that is likely a much simpler signal processing (just a filter really) than what you were doing with OpenViBE.

    The SD card on Cyton is for recording directly to a file on the SD, not for program storage. I don't think Ganglion has record capability yet. Best way to control your external remote device is with another microcontroller or Arduino, on a separate serial port. Then have a serial port command stream that you send to that uC.

  • hackrhackr Maryland, USA
    @wjcroft I see. Many, many thanks as always, William.