OpenBCI delivery denied at Customs (Europe)

A friend of mine ordered a nice present for me. A Ganglion board together with a pre-printed Ultracortex IV. Since it was a delivery to Germany, I had to go and pick it up from Customs. I was expecting to pay the necessary fee (tax) and simply receive it. That was not the case, unfortunately. The Customs officers argued with me that since it had no CE marking, it could not be sold in Europe. I tried to argue with them that it was an evaluation board, I know the risks, am technically adept, and the rest to no avail. Since it did not meet the "technical requirements" it cannot be used here.

Was this normal? How can I get the thing delivered lawfully here? I read around the web (and in these forums) all the time about persons using OpenBCI kits in the EU, how do they manage to have their stuff past Customs?