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Start a sleep lab with OpenBCI and SpiSOP now!

Some reserch like, sleep reserach, seems expensive and complicated to do.

Having used OpenBCI I disagree: Sleep Research now has become Open thanks to OpenBCI!

You can easily record your sleep EEG with OpenBCI (that is, a standard polysomnographic recording of EEG, EMG, EOG and ECG).

Afterwards you can use SpiSOP (www. to convert your (SD) Files to EDF or Brainvision file format and start sleep scoring and futher EEG analyisis with it.

Check out my first tutorial draft in how to get your person small low cost sleep lab to run now for < $1000 (everything included) at

Have fun with it and create more sleep data with it.

Looking forward to any feedback,



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Hello Frederik,

I was reviewing the “Start a sleep lab with OpenBCI and SpiSOP now!” posting listed under and had a question(s).

I am using the OpenBCI MarkIV UltraCortex EEG headset w/8 channel Cyton-
Do you believe I will be able achieve the same success using this hardware and the SpiSOP software?
If so, is there someplace I could consult for best recommendations for 10-20 electrode layout positions?

Best Regards,

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