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Project and evaluation EMG/EOG human-computer interface

Authors: Buchwald M., Jukiewicz M.

Abstract: In this paper we present Electromyography/Electrooculography (EMG/EOG) speller. It allows users to write sentences or phrases using blinking exclusively. Eye blinks are detected through simple threshold method. Moreover, the speller is comfortable to use. We based it on Open Source software available for free, as well as low-cost OpenBCI hardware. We measured the performance of the interface in an experiment. The results showed that: (1) symbols were recognised at 90% accuracy rate; (2) 100% of eye blinks was detected; (3) Information Transfer Rate (ITR) we achieved equaled 43,3 bit/min.

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Keywords: HCI, speller, EMG, EOG, OpenBCI, Open Source

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