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OpenBCI and our Drawing machine

Our group created a drawing machine that uses the EMG waves from the OpenBCI system to draw random shapes.  We used channel 3 from the helmet which focused on the eyes blinking in order to control one of the arms from this drawing machine.   The machine ended up drawing rhombus looking shapes.  Zhong, who is pictured here with the OpenBCI helmet would like for people to know that the his artistry has no limitation but the drawing machine due to the placement of the arms did.   The drawing machine uses Arduino, a continuous servo set in motion to sine of time and a servo controlled with OpenBCI.  In the future the arms could be placed differently to have different outcomes.

IMG950503 IMG954896 IMG955229 IMG956826 IMG958781 20161216_122606 20161216_125107 20161216_125222 20161216_125237

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