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Hello all,

I am a neuro-enthusiast as well as a DIY musician, I build DIY synths and pedals too. Many years ago, I’d was working on my EEG circuit (which was a variant based on the old OpenEEG project) and with that, I built my own neuro-headset, but it was limited to only 2 channels at the time. My initial purpose was targeted at neuro-feedback but I soon realized the potential of making MUSIC based on EEG data.

And then, just last year, I heard about you guys and the awesome work you’ve been doing with neuro / BCI circuitry. So, I recently acquired your Ganglion board to upgrade my own headset with the 4 additional channels, plus the fact that your board is capable of transmitting data wirelessly was a HUGE bonus in my eyes. This is what my headset looks like now + the Ganglion board:
Neuro headset pic1
My Neuro headset pic3_20170402

So, using my newly upgraded headset, I recorded my own EEG data from a meditation session that spanned over a couple of hours, and I used that data to generate music, processed by BrainBay and outputted as MIDI. The Synthesizer sequence is driven by the average power intensity between both hemispheres of the brain, while the celesta/bell corresponds to the left side and the crystal/bowing sound is from the right. And the result is this, my track called ‘Neuroscape II’, which I like to describe as a synthesized interpretation of my own brainwave data:
The complete track is available on my soundcloud as well:

I’m not sure if the creators of OpenBCI will get to see this, but I just wanted to share my work with all of you and to let you know how OpenBCI has helped to make this dream project of mine come true.  Thank you all! 🙂


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Hi, John,

Congrats! Your device looks very cool!
I am about to buy a Ganglion unit so I can listen and record the musical pattern of our brain. Can you tell me the necessary components I need to purchase from OpenBCI, besides the Ganglion board?

Thanks a lot!


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