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Mneuronic: A mnemonic system based on stimulation-free neuroimaging

MNeuronic is a neurotech device that helps users to improve memory retention. The system capitalizes on the natural fluctuations of neural excitability in the human brain using real-time phase prediction. This confers two important strengths: efficiency and temporal precision. In this way, MNeuronic anticipates upcoming optimal brain states before they occur (rather than reacting to past states) and affords unprecedented levels of temporal precision.

MNeuronic can be used in cognitive rehabilitation by patients with mild to moderate decline in memory function, as well as, by healthy users, as a cognitive training method at home. The mnemonic system will be mounted on wearable, relatively affordable hardware. Its core technology is grounded in principles and ideas developed in the current ERC-StG project on attention and perception by the Multisensory Research Group (MRG) at the Center for Brain and Cognition (CBC) (see MRG research lines for more details).

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