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March Newsletter: Happy Pi Day Discounts, Software Updates, and Restocked Items!



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OpenBCI is Jumping into Spring!

Greetings OpenBCI community! We are excited to announce that all OpenBCI products are back in stock! Additionally, we’ve made some huge improvements to the OpenBCI GUI, OpenBCI Hub, and other software.  The WiFi Shield firmware v2.0.0 has arrived, with all-new features and connectivity troubleshooting. This and other major changes (detailed in ‘Software Updates’) mean that you can collect and process your biodata even faster over WiFi or Bluetooth!

In this month’s Newsletter:

  1. 10% Spring Discount
  2. Software Updates
  3. Community Project of the Month
  4. Restocked Items
  5. General Survey Link

1. 10% Spring Discount (through March 31st)

Now that Spring is almost upon us, we want to remind you that we care about you! For all of the OpenBCI scientists, hackers, and developers out there, we are offering a spring boost for upcoming projects and research! Enjoy 10% off of all OpenBCI products until the end of March. Use the discount code SPRING2018 at checkout!

2. Software Updates

We are thrilled to announce the release of v3.2.0 of the OpenBCI GUI! Version v3.3.0 is in currently in Beta. The latest release not only patches some bugs but also adds several long requested new widgets! Many users requested easier access to the breakout pins on top of the Cyton to hook push buttons into Digital Inputs or photoresistors for Analog Inputs (for ERPs). Now while running the latest Cyton firmware, you can read from Digital or Analog inputs with the click of a button in this new GUI release. The Digital and Analog pins are read from and injected into each data packet and eventually make their way to the OpenBCI output text file. This means you can now do ERP (Event Related Potential) research with no extra effort! We encourage users to test this new feature in conjunction with our brand new widgets that display the Analog or Digital Inputs in real time within the GUI. Detailed how-to guide coming soon!

The newly improved OpenBCI GUI v3.2.0 uses the brand new v1.3.9 of OpenBCI Hub. Formerly named OpenBCI_Ganglion_Electron on Github, the hub’s name is now simply OpenBCI_Hub. Supporting the new OpenBCIHub v1.3.9 is the v0.4.1 of the WiFi NodeJS driver.

The WiFi Shield firmware hits v2.0.4. New features are UDP support, UDP Burst support (send every packet three times), and WiFi Direct support. In the actual Github repo, we did a docs (code of conduct, roadmap, contributing, .readme) overhaul and are really excited to see people contributing!

We drastically reduced the package size of the JavaScript Utilities module in the latest release, v0.3.4. We changed the name of our JavaScript utilities module to reflect that it can now be used in both NodeJS and in any major web browser. The repository used to be called OpenBCI_NodeJS_Utilities but is now called OpenBCI_JavaScript_Utilities. You can use OpenBCI on the web faster than ever.

The main NodeJS repository hits v3.0.0 and now with a simple ‘npm install openbci’ you have access to all OpenBCI boards over any physical transfer method such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

To learn more, check out our Github account and Docs sections! And don’t forget to submit bugs/issues to our repos or ask technical questions on our Forum.

3. Community Member of the Month!

The thing we love most about OpenBCI is our amazingly diverse and inspiring community of hackers, neuroscientists, makers, and more! To celebrate you, we have decided to feature our favorite recent community project in each newsletter. If you are interested in being featured or know someone who has a cool OpenBCI project that they might want to share, please fill out this interest form.


This month we want to share a few open-source JavaScript projects using OpenBCI by our friend Alex Castillo!

Alex has been tirelessly working to grow and advance the JavaScript ecosystem for working with OpenBCI! Keep up the great work, Alex. : )

4. All OpenBCI Products are Back in Stock!

What are you waiting for!?

We’re excited to let you know the Ultracortex Mark IV Headset is now restocked in ALL sizes and options. The Gold Cup Electrodes are available again as well! Just in time for that SPRING2018 discount code!

New users should check out this guide for a great starting point on what to purchase, and how create the perfect biosensing setup with OpenBCI hardware.

5. Community Survey

We hope that your experience with OpenBCI has been awesome! We are constantly trying to improve the OpenBCI platform. For this reason, we ask that you give us 5 minutes of your time, and complete our latest survey.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us! Your answers will be anonymous and we will post the answers to selected questions in our future newsletters.

OpenBCI Community Survey

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us! Your answers will be anonymous and we will post the answers to selected questions in our future newsletters.

Thank You!

From everyone at OpenBCI, we want to say thank you. Your support is making the open-source Neurorevolution possible. We look forward to getting the latest OpenBCI technology into your hands. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out:
Kind regards,
The OpenBCI Team





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