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“Head Lander” EEG Concept

In making the minimal case for the OpenBCI board, I found a bit of design inspiration.  The initial thought was to create a version of the case that is a good match for the new Ganglion 4-channel board. In this configuration, the legs form a small cluster with one central and three peripheral electrodes. This focuses all the data collection on one area of interest, and can be easily adjusted. After adding a battery case and legs to the case, it began to resemble the NASA lunar lander.  A quick concept render got great responses, so I went ahead and prototyped the design and test fit it. That design also inspired a saucer version, which is a little cleaner and starting to resemble something more wearable in a practical sense without appearing to be a piece of medical equipment or research technology.

These are just a couple of examples of non-standard form factors for EEG (and other products) enabled by 3D printing.  The delightful theme helps conceal the function, and hints that through customization we can make equipment that would otherwise be distracting and geeky into something that fits into peoples lives a little easier.

I am curious to see how others envision adding OpenBCI tech to outfits and accessories, so look forward to future collaborations between OpenBCI, ThreeForm, and anyone else hoping to add a little EEG/EMG tech to their ensemble.

The OpenBCI board case (The bottom of the Lander) is available on Thingiverse here: Lightweight OpenBCI Case

– Aaron

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