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Cosa Mentale – Art, brain interfaces & electrostimulation

Research on drawing and performance using two brains to control one hand.


We are combining brain interfaces, electrostimulation and drawing. We use open software and hardware platforms.

We use the OpenBCI platform and head-mounted electrodes to read a certain brainwave the first artist produces when very concentrated. Using an arduino, processing software and a hacked electrostimulation device, we translate this brainwave into electronic impulses that stimulate the drawing artist’s hand. She draws when she feels the energy arriving and tries to combine it with her own to make a drawing.




Our drawing protocol consists of a wall drawing configuration that maximises the impact of vibration on the hand; it also establishes that the drawer can only glance occasionally at the drawing, so that she has less control and can focus on a stronger intervention from the mental energy arriving from the other artist’s brain.


cosa_mentale cosa_mentale


We are first researching how to draw over and over the same portrait. This allows us to search the possibilities of different drawing materials and different approaches to combining the two mental energies and wills to explore true collaborative outcomes.


cosa_mentale cosa_mentale


Our first public performance will take place in Paris at the opening of the collective exhibition “Correspondances” June 23rd, as part of Cristina Hoffmann’s drawing installation “Autant que faire se peut” (As much as one can muster).


cosa_mentale cosa_mentale


© Cristina Hoffmann & Bastien Didier 2016

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