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BrainBay DSP Environment Supports Ganglion & Cyton


BrainBay is an open source Visual Programming Language (VPL) that allows Digital Signal Processing (DSP) elements to be connected together graphically to construct a signal processing and biofeedback pipeline.

Chris Veigl, author of BrainBay has just released the latest 2.0 version of BrainBay that includes support for OpenBCI Ganglion. Previous versions have supported Cyton, so now both OpenBCI platforms are available to create your own designs.

The main site for BrainBay is here, and it’s Github page here. For related forum posts, see this forum thread and this forum search.

We want to thank Chris very much for adding this capability and also AJ Keller (of OpenBCI and Push the World) who created the Hub mechanism / process that allows BrainBay to access the Ganglion stream.

Chris suggests:

“For Ganglion the BrainBay integration needs the GanglionHub bridge for interfacing with the Ganglion. To achieve this, the path to GanglionHub.exe must be specified in the Brainbay application settings. The recommended way is to install the OpenBCI GUI for first operation of the Ganglion, and then providing the path to Ganglionhub.exe (which is located in the /data subfolder of the OpenBCI GUI). Please note that there is a 32 bit and a 64 bit version of the GanglionHub and the 32bit version is not part of every official release of the 32 bit OpenBCI GUI.”

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